Optimist Worlds. The Final Day is Always Crucial – and 5th Overall is Excellent

Ian Walker.

by Richard Crockett

Ian Walker has sailed a tough event well, capitalising in the early stages before the Gold Fleet was announced, but then battling when it really counted.

His result of 5th overall in the Optimist Worlds is a stunning result, but when one digs deeper and analyses his final 6 races, it’s easy to see that it was here where he stumbled. On the final day he scored a BFD and a 19, and was lucky to have been able to discard the BFD. Had his results been in single figures in those final races he could well have challenged for a podium position.

Let’s hope that he puts his new-found experience and knowledge to good use back home, and motivates his sailing mates to up their game.

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