On This Day – 28 December. A Newspaper History of Sailing

by Richard Crockett

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1966. “S.A. Yacht for Single-Handed Transatlantic Race.” Construction of . a sleek, 50-ft. ocean-going yacht, in which a South African yachtsman will race 2,740 miles singlehanded from Britain to North America, is under way in Cape Town.
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1984. “Yachtsmen Want Brisk South-easter”. Yachtsmen in the Argus-Stannic 100 offshore catamaran races on January 4 and 5 are hoping for a south-easter of about 15 knots which could whip them up to speeds of 30 knots.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1984 12 28 320 59

1986. “Australia IV Win Puts Bond Back in Business for America’s Cup”. Australia IV, Alan Bond’s sole hope to defend the America’s Cup, yesterday climbed back into the lead in the battle for the 1987 cup defence.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1986 12 28 19

1987. “Leading Dias Yachts Gamble on the Wind”. An exciting mid-ocean gamble with the winds has developed in the Clinic Holdings Dias race, with the leading yachts, Panther and Prestige/Krost, heading for Cape Town on widely divergent courses on opposite sides of the South Atlantic.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1987 12 28 9

1993. “Miracle Rescue for Yachtsman”. A yachtsman washed overboard during the Sydney-to-Hobart race was pulled from the freezing Tasman Sea last night after crewmen on an oil tanker spotted reflective tape on the man’s jacket.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1993 12 28 320

1996. “Wright Duo Face Olympian Challenge”. The big regatta this weekend – the Sprog Nationals – will be sailed from the Henley Midmar Yacht Club.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1996 12 28 256

1998. “Huge Sea Rescue After Killer Storm”. 2 die, 10 lost in yacht race chaos. A massive search-and-rescue operation was under way today after savage seas battered the prestigious Sydney to Hobart yacht race, leaving two yachtsmen dead, a British sailor presumed dead and nine others missing.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1998 12 28 943

1999. “The Closest You Can Get to Columbus’ ”. The inevitable question asked of any pilot accustomed to making the trip to South America in less than seven hours at a cruising speed of 500 knots and a height of 10 000 metres above the ocean is why on earth he would want to spend 20 days at sea sailing the Cape-to-Rio race at seven knots.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1999 12 28 177

2005. “Schalk Blekerig Na’ Woeste Seevaart”. Die beroemde Amerikaanse seiljagvaarder Paul Cayard het die Springbok-rugbyspeler Schalk Burger genooi om eergister saam te seil in die Volvo-wedvaart in Tafelbaai.
TRANSLATION: “Schalk Off-colour After Wild Race”. Famous American yachtsman Paul Cayard invited Springbok rugby player Schalk Burger to sail in the Volvo race in Table Bay on Sunday.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  2005 12 28 966

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What is “On this Day” About?
I am busy archiving many boxes of press cuttings I have accumulated and which I guestimate run into tens of thousands! A daunting task which I believe to be necessary before ditching them as I have been concerned for many years about the lack of interest Clubs, Classes and other sailing related organisations give to preserving their history.

This is my personal crusade, and instead of simply archiving and keeping the contents away from prying eyes, I will share my spoils in the hope that you will enjoy reminiscing as much as I have, and continue to do as I wade through the labourious process of scanning each and every cutting in my archives.

As each scanned cutting will be searchable, I will be able to create presentation packs personally tailored to a persons exact requirements – ie. Rathmines Week, the NCS Regatta, the Rio Race, Mauritius Race, Vasco da Gama Race and more – or simply by the name of an individual (like Ant Steward and his open boat exploits) who want a record of his/her sailing career for the family archives.

I have already done this by scanning in excess of 8500 pages of material I have on ‘Voortrekker’ – from idle chatter, to concept, to the formation of what ultimately became the South African Ocean Racing Trust (SAORT), to the fruition of the 1968 OSTAR Race in which Bruce Dalling and ‘Voortrekker’ excelled – and even beyond that.

The possibilities are endless – so watch this space.

Comments and contributions are welcome. Email: editor@sailing.co.za

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