On This Day – 10 September. A Newspaper History of Sailing

by Richard Crockett

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1969. “Home and Dry After A Nine-Hour-Battle”. After battling for more than nine hours in a raging south-westerly gale last night, the 24ft. Japanese yacht, Hakuo finally tacked into Durban harbour for a week long visit.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1969 09 10 – Pfotenhauer – 000101

1969. “Dalling to Sell His Yacht”. Springbok yachtsman Bruce Dalling is offering his Hong Kong-built sloop, Vertue Carina, for sale.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1969 09 10 – Pfotenhauer – 000103 02

1969. “Cape-to-Rio Yacht Race Discussed”. The Dutch yacht designer, Ricus van der Stadt, addressed a meeting of more than 100 interested yachtsmen at the Point Yacht Club on the subject of selecting yacht designs for the 1971 Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro Ocean Race.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1969 09 10 – Pfotenhauer – 000103 03

1970. “Durban Rio Navigator”. Mr Cornelius Bruynzeel’s yacht Stormy may leave here tomorrow on a South Atlantic crossing – a Cape to Rio race rehearsal in reverse.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1970 09 10 540

1988. “Pact to Stop the Fiasco”. Present and past trustees of the America’s Cup have agreed to try to re-open the races to all comers and prevent a repetition of the court battle being waged between the United States defenders and their New Zealand challengers.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1988 09 10 687

1991. “Springbok Robbie A Late Entry”. It’s all systems go for the fourth Crystic Beachcomber Crossing yacht race from Mauritius to Durban.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  1991 09 10 886

2004. “Team Shosholoza ‘Sailing A Learning Curve’”. Great race starts and solid tactics on the water held promise for Team Shosholoza’s future in America’s Cup match racing, but an occasional error and a lack of boat speed caused them two losses.
To read the full report, Click on the following LINK:  2004 09 10 476

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About “On This Day”
It was towards the end of September last year, yes 2019, that I started “On This Day. A Newspaper History of Sailing.” So nearly a year has passed without a day being missed and without there being any newspaper news or pics available in my newspaper archives to share.

It all started while I was busy archiving many boxes of press cuttings I have accumulated and which I guestimate run into tens of thousands! A daunting task which I believe to be necessary as I have been concerned for many years about the lack of interest Clubs, Classes and other sailing related organisations give to preserving their history, and that of our sport.

This is my personal crusade, and instead of simply archiving and keeping the contents away from prying eyes, I share my spoils in the hope that you will enjoy reminiscing as much as I do.

As of the end of September the format will change as it’s simply not sustainable to continue for another full year on a similar basis. I have some 25 000 scanned newspaper cuttings, and have used the best so far – but as in life some variation and change is required. What those changes are I have not crystallised yet, and would enjoy feedback from followers of this Blog as to what they would like to see.

I have tons of material available – from every single issue of SA Yachting, Yachtsman RSA (newspaper – remember it?) and Sailing Inland & offshore Magazine. Between those publications – from October 1957 until June 2017 – a period spanning 60 years of coverage of the sport of sailing in this country – I have in my possession.

I am scanning every single issue of those 60 years – that’s 720 issues – and digitising them to get the fullest value possible from them. So far I have uncovered some incredible gems in their pages, and will share these as we go.

Plus I have a photographic archive of photographs in b/w negative format, colour negative, colour slide (transparency) and photographic prints I intend to scan, digitise and share with the sailing community at large.

But all this takes time – and is a slow process – so all I ask is for patience.

My plea thought – to all followers and everyone interested in the history of sailing in RSA, is to please assist me by sharing their personal archives, pics, press cuttings and whatever with me, so that I can scan them and share them. My promise is that I will treat them with the utmost care, and get them back to you safely.

To date, the response to “On This Day. A Newspaper History of Sailing” has been phenomenal, and it’s heartening to see how many people appreciate, LIKE and SHARE the material I have shared in the past year. And this is from ‘Saffers’ and others who have lived and sailed here, or have travelled internationally to sail here.

I am overwhelmed by the response – and thank all those who have personally made contact.

Should you wish to copy, forward or share material from here, PLEASE acknowledge the source as: Sourced From the SAILING Mag Archives & Historical Records.

As each scanned cutting and article is searchable, I am able to create presentation packs personally tailored to a persons exact requirements – ie. Rothmans Week, the NCS Regatta, the Rio Race, Mauritius Race, Vasco da Gama Race and more – or simply by the name of an individual (like Ant Steward and his open boat exploits) – for those who want a record of his/her sailing career for the family archives.

I have already done this by scanning in excess of 18 000 pages of material I have on ‘Voortrekker’ – from idle chatter, to concept, to the formation of what ultimately became the South African Ocean Racing Trust (SAORT), to the fruition of the 1968 OSTAR Race in which Bruce Dalling and ‘Voortrekker’ excelled – and even beyond that.

The possibilities are endless – so watch this space as it all simply gets better every single day!

So sit back, grab a cup of your favourite brew, and enjoy what’s on offer today.

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