NSRI Issue Full Moon Spring Tide Warning

The NSRI are urging extreme public caution around the coast over this coming weekend and during the December vacation period and festive season that is now upon us.

The FULL MOON SPRING TIDE peaks on Sunday 3 December.

With the approaching full moon Spring Tide beach bathers and shoreline anglers are most at risk.

This full moon Spring Tide which peaks on Sunday 3 December means that from about Thursday 30 November high tide and low tides will gradually start to increase in intensity, peaking on 3 December and then gradually declining in intensity until about 8 December.

Spring Tides bring a higher than normal high tide and a lower than normal low tide, causing stronger than normal rip currents, for a few days leading up to the full moon OR new moon, peaking on the day of the full moon OR new moon and lasting for a few days after the full moon OR new moon.

There are two high tides and two low tides every day. During Spring Tide the twice daily high tides are higher than normal and the twice daily low tides are lower than normal and while rip currents are always present the Spring Tide creates stronger than normal rip currents.

Advice for Boating Safety
Boaters, paddlers, sail boarders and anyone launching any kind of craft onto water should wear their life-jackets at all times while on water and carry easily accessible safety equipment – red distress flares, communications cellphone or VHF radio with fully charged batteries in water tight plastic sleeves, a waterproof torch, highly visible neon coloured clothing, a referee whistle worn around the neck, and let a responsible person know your time of departure, your exact intended route and your estimated return time and check in with the responsible person on your safe return. (If you are overdue the responsible person should raise the alarm without hesitation).

All coastal paddlers and boaters are urged to download the free cellphone application NSRI RSA SafeTrx which allows a user to program their route into the cellphone app and in an emergency alert sea rescue authorities who can determine the exact position of the user in an emergency.

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