NEW. PredictWind Streamline Graphics

Over the last few months PredictWind have been refining their new Streamline maps and after a considerable amount of development work have released Streamlines on all platforms. The PredictWind Streamlines are now the most advanced weather graphics available.

Animating streamlines for a fixed time period is technically straightforward, but it is essential to track weather system movements over a 7 day period. Other streamline implementations reload between time steps, which makes it difficult to visualize the movement of a weather system. The new breakthrough technology from PredictWind allows animation of the weather over the week, with silky smooth transitions through each time period.

The PredictWind Streamlines are also overlaid on Rain, Could, Air Temp, Gust and Cape. Wave streamlines show the wave movement scaled by wave height. Ocean Current Streamlines are similar to the wind display, they clearly depict the movement of the ocean currents and eddies.

Other areas that were a focus for the development team include accuracy of the streamline display. The display does not interpolate the data spatially. PredictWind streamline graphics use the raw, exact and accurate data from the forecast model. Map zooming performance was also a focus. Zooming the map does not interfere with the animation of the streamlines. The colour palette used by PredictWind clearly depicts stronger and potentially dangerous winds in red, the same colour palette used by our other wind map displays. The background wind speed colours are bold and clearly distinguish the exact wind speed.

Watch the demonstration video HERE

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