MSC Week 2014 – final day – day 4

msc week day 2a

MSC Week 2014 – Day 4

results here: MSC Week 2014 Results Table FINAL

The final day of MSC Week 2014 dawned with the weather forecasters getting it slightly wrong with the North Easterly filling in early enough for the Race Officer to get the cruising fleet away on a shorter course to get there race completed before the forecast South Westerly arrived.

The rest of the fleet sailed one race which was shortened to allow the yachts to get back to the safety of the harbour before the impending wind arrived. When the Race Officer got notification that the wind was to arrive within the next half hour, he dispached them back to moorings.

Unfortunately the cruising fleet were too far from home to even shorten their race and it was abandoned. Bandit took the race in the Micro-multihulls from Ladybird and Crazy Diamond. The L26 fleet was won by B2G2 from Co-ordination and Cheetah. This gave them the KZN L26 Provincials title. Well done to Brennan Robinson and his crew.

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