Lessons Learned From Sailing Small Yachts in Extreme Conditions

The Indian yacht THURIYA, dismasted in the South Indian Ocean 1,900 miles south west of Perth, Western Australia. Solo skipper Abhilash Tomy suffered a serious back injury when the yacht was rolled through 360 degrees on Friday 21st Sept, which had led to a multinational rescue operation.
PIC BY Indian Navy/PPL/GGR

by Richard Crockett

When people like Sir Robin Knox-Johnston publish a report on the lessons learned from sailing small yachts in extreme conditions, including the 5 dismastings suffered during the 2018 GGR, we should ALL sit up and take note.

Sadly too few people could be bothered to read, let alone study a report of this nature as too often the attitude is “I know it all anyway”; “It will NEVER happen to me” – and so much more.

People like Sir Robin make no bones about the fact that he learns new things about our sport every single time he goes sailing, and always keeps an open mind.

I suggest that all yacht owners and their crew at least read this report, although my preference would be for them to study it.

Click Here to Download the Report: GGR dismastings Report

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