Learn to Sail: The Ultimate Guide

by Richard Crockett

The number of people I have either met or spoken to who ask “How do I learn to Sail?” is staggering.

Few know about Sailing Schools, and even fewer know that Yacht Clubs are always willing to assist people to find a berth and introduce them to those members generous enough to share their experiences and boat with newcomers.

Sailing is a great sport – a lifetime sport – that rarely discriminates on sex, and has scant disregard for age and ability. Plus it’s largely a ‘green’ sport too.

There is nothing nicer that being at sea with the wind at your back, the sails full, and the sound of wind and water filling the space. That’s the time to relax, get a grip on the harsh realities of daily life, relax and dream of sailing off to that idyllic palm-fringed tropical island. It can be done.

So for those wanting answers to the question about ‘Learning to Sail’, this well researched Blog by Jenn Miller is one of those ‘must reads’.

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