Laser Masters Worlds. Not So Keen, Keen!

By Richard Crockett

After a stunning day 1 performance where Alan Keen topped the leader board in the Great Grand Master division with a 1 & 2 to be on the top step of the podium, things changed the following day when he finished with a 6 & 7. According to his mates he “was not a happy bunny” which is understandable as everyone who knows him was rooting for him to do well.

He followed day 2 with 5ths in both races, and while he no longer stands on the podium, he is still in with a fighting chance of being there at the end.

Sailing in this ‘Masters’ even is tough, very tough, as these old bullets know all the tricks of the trade, and sail very hard.

Fortunately today (Wednesday) is a lay day for all the masters, so they can all relax, recover and catch their collective breaths.

Things are also not so good in the Grand Master division. Campbell Alexander bounced back after a bad first day and a damaged knee, to finish with a 17 & 24 and ‘take the honours’ in his personal duel with his old sailing mate Lance Burger. But this run of luck did not last as on day 3 as Alexander did not finish race 6, handing back the honours to Burger who finished with a pair of 25s!

In the ‘Legends’ division for those over the age of 75, Ken Holliday is having a consistent regatta having finished 7th in the last 3 races, and is 9th overall.

Standard Great Grand Master
4 Alan Keen – 2; 1; 6; (7); 5; 5

Standard Grand Master
27 Lance Burger – (43); 36; 18; 28; 25; 25
53 Campbell Alexander – (DNC); DNC; 17; 24; 49; DNC

9 Ken Holliday – 11; (DNC); 8; 7; 7; 7

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