Kiel Week 2019. Sadly Little Wind

Benji Daniel & Alex Burger.
pic by Liesl King

by Richard Crockett

Yesterday was not a good day for the RSA teams as they had to wait for many hours to get onto the water due to the very light winds.

Kai Leslie summed it up well when he messaged me the following: “After 8 hours of waiting we got 1 race in. The race was such a blur I don’t quite know what I did wrong, but at the top mark every boat rounded bow to stern and I got caught up in a mess of boats”.

Sadly the day was worse for the Benji Daniel and Alex Burger who had to endure 3 races in extremely light conditions after floating around for a couple of hours waiting for wind. They only started 19h00! Plus they did not have a good day being 21; 24 & 20 for the day.

The boys did not have a good day and probably best I wasn’t on the water. Going out today and should get Kai this morning and the boys this afternoon. Wind between 5 and 8 at best so another light day.

Racing continues today in what could be another light day.

Follow the racing HERE

Kai Leslie.
pic by Liesl King