ISAF World Cup Miami – RSA Day 4 Results

Stef Marcia
Stef Marcia

There is little RSA news coming out of Miami, although a very brief message from Roger Hudson said that he and Asenathi (Squirrel) focussed, and that things were going nicely for them. They need to keep their pace up as they have just 2 more races left today before the medal race on Saturday, and they need to make the cut for that.

But the ‘result of the day’ came from young Stefano Marcia who cracked an 8th in a hugely competitive fleet. Well done Stef. Now you know what it feels like to make the top 10 we hope to see you there more often. He too has just 2 more races left today.

68 Stefano Marcia
(41); 25; 28; 34; 24; 31; 28; 24; 8

7 Asenathi Jim & Roger Hudson
4; 6; 13; 13; 19; 3; (31); 20

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