Hitting Their Target Market

Optimist Worlds Team. Karl Hofmeyr, Alex Falcon, Jared Tyler, Chiara Fruet & Matt Ashwell.

by Richard Crockett

The Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Thailand, where the Optimist Worlds are being held.

Being someone who has for many years enjoyed following marketing, PR and Sports Marketing, and having studied all three, I am amazed at how often sponsors appear to hit the wrong target market with their sponsorships.

Maybe those misdirected ones are donations rather than sponsorships?

I was interested to read this morning that ‘The Pizza Company’, Thailand’s market leader in the dine-in, delivery and take-away food business and one of Asia’s best known pizza brands, has announced its co-sponsorship of the Optimist World Championship 2017. An official statement says it is part of the company’s vision for sustainability for people development and supporting youth and local community.

Now that’s hitting their target market hard – and right between their eyes.

Kids the world over love pizza, so the brand awareness, brand recognition and pure enjoyment of the brand will be palpable. Plus, for those who are simply visiting Thailand for the event, will remember that brand for a lifetime, especially when eating pizza!

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