Historical. ‘JAG Voortrekker’?

pic by David Baker

By Richard Crockett

In archiving 2 very large boxes of material I have on the original Voortrekker from dream to conception, I came across reference to it being named ‘JAG Voortrekker’ for the 1969 European season.

I have so far come across no further reference to that name, other than in the crew selection correspondence.

David Abromowitz was one of the crew, and he too cannot shed any light on this reference! He can however remember doing Cowes Week, The St. Malo Race, The Fastnet Race and the Plymouth to La Rochelle Race on her.

Bobby Bongers was skipper and ran the one watch and Abro the other watch.

“Wonderful times!!!!” he wrote. “I also remember all of us being in a pub in Cowes watching Armstrong and the guys landing on the moon!!!”

If you can shed any light on why the boat was referred to as ‘JAG Voortrekker’ – please mail me: editor@sailing.co.za

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