Free Classified Adverts on the SAILING Mag Blog

One of the most popular pages in SAILING Magazine was always the Free Classified ads page. It was a page often turned to first to see what bargains, boats and equipment were to be had with readers wanting to be first to make contact with the seller, or provide those wanting something for their boats with the item.

This section has now been completely revamped on the SAILING Mag Blog, and can be viewed HERE

Plus ads can now be submitted online HERE

So if you have a boat, sails, equipment or anything sailing related, consider selling it through this service we offer rather than letting it clutter your garage!

Or, if there is anything you want, this service may well just find the items for you.

There are some rules though:
• Adverts are strictly restricted to 30 words – and will appear for 30 days before being deleted.

• All adverts will be moderated and edited before being released.

• Adverts are for private sellers and are not for any commercial enterprise or service provider.

• Should the spirit of this service not be respected The Editor has every right to moderate, edit or delete adverts.

So if you have anything sailing related to sell, or if there is something you want, submit your info NOW – and do it HERE

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