Free Classified Adverts

Like most yachties, you in all likelihood have a garage bursting with old sailing equipment – whether old boats, fittings, sails, spars, winches, rudders, centerboards, dollies or trailers.

Our Free Classified adverts on the SAILING Mag Blog now provide you with an easy way to de-clutter and turn some of your old ‘stuff’ into cash with the SAILING Mag Blog FREE Classifieds so that you free up space in your garage.

Adverts can now be submitted online HERE

So if you have any boating items you want to sell, swop, give away or find in the ‘wanted’ section- do it on the SAILING Mag Blog FREE Classified section

There are some rules though:
• Adverts are strictly restricted to 30 words – and will appear for 30 days before being deleted.

• All adverts will be moderated and edited before being released.

• Adverts are for private sellers and not to any commercial enterprise or service provider.

• Should the spirit of this service not be respected The Editor has every right to moderate, edit or delete adverts.

So if you have anything sailing related to sell, or if there is something you want, submit your info NOW.