Cape to Rio race – weather

I was called last evening by someone closely following my posts on the Cape to Rio Race. He wanted to know where he could get wind info on the fleet. I assume that others would like this info, so here goes. I will attempt to post a wind chart daily, the first with this post. A good site to check regularly is Passage Weather ( I would recommend that people wanting info on the wind and weather in general in ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – Day 6 – results and position reports

Day 6 Friday 060800GMT Daily Position Report PRINT EMIAL 5 boats have now crossed the Meridian and are officially ‘West’. Maserati continues to lead the fleet 406 nautical miles ahead of second placed Scarlet Runner, will crack the 2000 nautical miles sailed barrier, which also means that, at this pace is 5 to 6 days from the finish. It’s too early to talk about records, but watch this space! What is interesting is that Scarlet Runner has taken some 30 ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – JML Rotary Scout – Day 5 Update

Day 5 of the Cape to Rio Yacht Race and JML Rotary Scout is making good progress. The seasickness has completely left JML Rotary Scout and crew have all settled into their routine. Grant was on the sat phone this morning (while the crew were enjoying tea and rusks in the sunshine) and he says the weather has improved even more since yesterday’s report. The clouds opened up during the evening and they had moonlight for the first time. They ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – day 5 – Maserati has some breakages

Day 5 – 9 January 2014 Maserati’s pace slowed by overnight damage Maserati sustained some damage overnight: a running stay snapped during a gybe and shortly afterwards, the spinnaker exploded. Both have now been replaced and the Italian VOR 70 has resumed her race to Rio de Janeiro. Giovanni Soldini described the incidents as follows: “Last night, we realised after a gybe that the stay didn’t have the normal minimal tension and a quick check revealed that a running stay had ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race – Day 5 results and position reports

Day 5 – Thursday Day 5 Thursday 060800GMT Daily Position Report PRINT EMAIL My view looking at the Xtra-Link tracker is that the fleet is too far south. Giovanni Soldini alluded to this yesterday as he tried to get north, and he now appears to be the most northern boat of the fleet with Privateer the next most northern boat. It begs the question: “What does the rest of the fleet know that these two do not?” Iskareen appears to ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race – NSRI Involvement

The NSRI has as usual done an incredibly good job in assisting the Rio race organisers and those in distress on the race. This band of volunteers is ALWAYS on standby to assist seafarers, so it’s worth going on to their website to read what they have been up to since the start of the race. Read More »

Cape to Rio race – The Maserati team and Giovanni Soldini retain lead of Cape2Rio

8 January 2014 Maserati continues her gallop across the South Atlantic well out in front of the rest of the fleet in the Cape2Rio Yacht Race. Maserati is now 2,000 miles off Rio de Janeiro. She is also pulling even clearer of her two main rivals: the Australian 53′ Scarlet Runner is now lagging 300 miles behind the Italian boat in second place while the South African Open 60 Explora is 600 miles in her wake. “We are making 16 ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race 2014 – Results & Position Reports day 4

Now that the ‘storm’ is over the fleet appears on the tracker to be settling down into serious “let’s get to Rio” mode. I like the look of some boats, and wonder what the ‘BH’ others are doing. But that’s yacht racing, navigation, tactics and weather routing – some get it right and others get it horribly wrong. Privateer, being sailed 2-up, is the northern-most boat in the fleet. Maserati still leads in Class 1 and is flying at just ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race – Isla Returns safely

Trevor Wilkins, photographer extraordinaire, was on hand to capture the Safe return of the Yacht Isla after being towed back to Royal Cape Yacht Club in a Heavy South Easter by the NSRI. See the pic link at: Read More »

Cape to Rio race – JML Rotary Scout day 4

It’s the 4th full day of racing and I had a great chat on the sat phone with Peter this morning. One could immediately hear a lift in spirits with the sound of the crew laughing and chatting in the background. It was a good evening with music blaring out loud last night over the speakers to build the “gees”. After supper the crew not on duty slept like logs and apparently were difficult to wake for their watches! They ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – Deceased Sailor Named

The sailor killed two days ago has been named as António João Bartolomeu, a 47 year old sound technician on Angolan national radio with a passion for sailing in his blood. Bartolomeu was crewing aboard the Bavaria 54 Bille (one of two Angolan boats taking part for the first time) when he was thrown overboard off Cape Town on January 5th. The incident occurred during the ferocious storm that hit the fleet with 50 to 60 knot winds almost immediately after the ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race 2014 – Maserati news day 3

Maserati continues to lead the fleet as she heads for Trade Winds Maserati has now left the storm in her wake and is still leading the fleet en-route to the Trade Winds in 15 to 16-knot winds. Lying in second position, 150 miles behind, is the South African Open 60 Explora with the Australian 52’ Scarlet Runner in third at 160 miles from the leader. “There’s still a long way to go to Rio de Janeiro – another 2,400 miles, in ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – day 3 results

Provisional results and position reports for day 3. Scarlet Runner leads Class 1. Yolo Leads Class 2 Tulliana leads Class 3 10 boats have either returned or are returning to port. Day 3 Tuesday 060800GMT Daily Position Report PRINT_EMAIL Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – Day 3

After a day of carnage and damaged yachts returning to port, this mornings tracking still shows Maserati, Scarlet Runner and DStv Explora out front with the rest of class 1, led by Iskareen, in hot pursuit. Privateer, who took a more northerly route is now closing on the fleet too. A quick look at this morning’s GRIB files shows that the front has dissipated and the fleet is now sailing in 17 to 25 knot winds, depending on where they ... Read More »