“Talking Sailing” from my archives. Of Flying Dutchmen, 505s, Spearheads & Buccaneers

by Richard Crockett While researching material on the Buccaneer in 1976 I found a report on the WP Buccaneers champs, plus a really good one entitled “Durban …. Zowie!” so have chosen to share them both. Bertie Reed won the WP Buccaneer champs, a tough one indeed as the opening paragraph said this: This year’s Western Province Buccaneer championship in False Bay was a triumph for Citizen Force SANSA members sailing in the 13-boat entry which endured good, bad and ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Festival National in False Bay

by Richard Crockett Today I have chosen not to keep with the Buccaneer theme exclusively as in doing my research I came across a wonderful feature article on the multi-class National Champs festival regatta in False Bay – which included the Buccaneers. There’s lots to read in this article which is like a who-who of sailing in this country, plus a complete set of results too for the 350-boat regatta which took place over a full week. Enjoy it, it’s ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my archives. Buccaneers in False Bay

by Richard Crockett Why False Bay was never renamed Buccaneer Bay is beyond me as these bullet-proof yachts seemed to come out “en-mass” in False Bay when Buccaneer events were scheduled. Good for them as the class grew and the competition was epic. Today I have two different Buccaneer events for you. The first, reported on in the May issue of SA Yachting was under the headline “Nationals Preview” – a multi-class National Championship event sailed over the Easter Weekend. ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. 1973 WP Buccaneer Champs

Pages from 1973 10 – SA Yachting – OCR by Richard Crockett By now the “Buc” class had become well established and championship regattas were becoming more of the norm. It was at this regatta that the name Bertie Reed came to the fore in the class as he was referred to then as the “cock of the fleet” – as he won the event. Maybe it was his “secret rigging adjustments, as mentioned in the text, that helped him ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. False Bay Buccaneer Week

by Richard Crockett Well the Buccaneer posts have struck a chord with several readers. Delighted to have been able to tickle the tastebuds and awaken the brain cells! There’s lot’s more to come in the days ahead, so stay tuned as they say in the classics. Week-long regattas in those days, the very early ‘70s, were few and far between, so the organising committee took some strain getting it all together as the following paragraph from the report shows: “Tubby ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. 1st Buccaneer Nationals

by Richard Crockett In searching the archives there are many interesting tidbits of info on the Class, like the Class President throwing his toys when the scribe mentioned in a report that the class was not happy with SAYRA and would rather be administered by CASA! What is certain is that politics played a key role in the sport way back in the ‘60s. I did discover a report on the very first W.P.S.A. champs for R.C.O.D.s and Buccaneers. Sadly ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my archives. The Buccaneer

by Richard Crockett An avid follower of my scribblings is David Staniforth who recently mentioned that I should give the Buccaneer keelboat class some coverage as he fondly remembers his time sailing them in tough conditions in False Bay. It’s easier said than done as try spelling the name Buccaneer? Not so easy as it has been written in several different ways over the years, so one has to word-search every option to drill down deep into the digital archives ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Moonshine Wins Double Cape

by Richard Crockett This time it was the Miura ‘Moonshine’ skippered by Tony Abbott which took the overall honours from Bobby Bonger’s ‘Impact’. As always with multiple starts, one at each of the starting clubs, conditions were naturally different, yet this is what makes the race so unique and challenging. The RCYC starters had hardly any wind at all at the start, while others enjoyed a good South Easter. READ THE SA YACHTING REPORT HERE:  Pages from 1985 11 – ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my archives. Double Cape Clean Sweep

by Richard Crockett Known as a very tough race, this was a year in which Aeolus had some sympathy, and mercy, for the fleet, and provided lightish conditions. “The Table Bay starters had a raucous start under spinnaker when the maxi ‘Rampant II’ (Alan Tucker) and ‘Cherry Blossom’ (Padda Kuttel) crossed the fleet on starboard and had the smaller port starters head to wind with their spinnakers aback. Alan Tucker the skipper and owner of Rampant II flew out specially ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Black Pepper Sneaks Double Cape Win

by Richard Crockett Another race and memories from the previous year still fresh in many memories, the threat of bad weather loomed with a south-easter and high spring tides a distinct possibility. Rob Meek said this in concluding his written report: “This year’s Dekro Double Cape Race will be remembered as a race of perfect sailing conditions and a lavish sociable prize giving”. READ THE REPORT HERE:  Pages from 1983 11 – SA Yachting – OCR   Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Gale Lashes Dulux Double Cape Fleet

by Richard Crockett The headline really does no justice to the brave souls who took on the Double Cape race in 1982. Yes there was a gale, but the winds gusted at 50 knots and just 9 of the 64-boat fleet managed to “double the Cape”. That’s a massive attrition rate. The best into to this race is from Yachtsman RSA magazine, written by John Fensham. It goes like this: “When they left moorings the wind was a gentle 15 ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Inaugural Double Cape Race

by Richard Crockett I have heard whispered that the Double Cape Race is back again this weekend. Whispered I suppose as those competing would like to keep this fact from Aeolus – and the winds in their favour. Now this is a tough race which was founded in 1981, and is unique in that it takes in four clubs, as well as competitors having to “double” Cape Point twice, and has starting lines at all four clubs. I dug out ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Agulhas Win for Clack in 1984

by Richard Crockett Unlike some previous races which were either belters with plenty of wind, or benign with not enough, this was one of those that threw the book at the competitors and gave them a taste of everything Aeolus has to offer. 40-50 knots off Cape Point, to drifters and periods of little or no wind and several dismastings just for good measure. How wonderful ocean racing really is! John Martin took ‘Voortrekker’ to another line honours victory, while ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. ‘Trekker Sets New Record in Stormy Agulhas Race

by Richard Crockett It certainly appear from reading these Agulhas Race reports that every alternate race is a good one – or bad way depending on how you view good and bad! The 1980 race was a pretty light affair, the 1982 one a far more boisterous affair in which John Martin and his crew pushed ‘Voortrekker II’ to the absolute limit, breaking the race record and taking line honours as well as second spot overall. Talks of 50 knot ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. A ‘Sensational’ 1980 Agulhas Race

by Richard Crockett Ocean racing is not just about long passages, relentless upwind work and gale force wind, but about ingenuity and the ability to effect repairs effectively at sea with the materials one has aboard. Well this is how Neil Bailey’s ‘Sensation’ won the Agulhas Race. They broke their forestay shortly after the start and headed downwind to assess the situation and effect repairs. Lesser crew would have baled out there and then and gone home to drown their ... Read More »