Cape to Rio Race – SA Navy to the Rescue

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RCYC General Manager, Marcus Reuter, boarded SAS Islandwana last night as they set sail to assist yacht BILLE. Communications with SAS ISLANDWANA have been constant and accurate and the reports from Marcus were “Islandwana crew have been so professional”.

The majority of the fleet were still suffering rough sea conditions last night with poor visibility and a lot of rain this morning.

The current situation on the following yachts:

• BILLE. All crew of have been transferred to SAS Islandwana. Two crew are injured. The skipper has broken ribs and one crew member has lacerations. Both have been tended to by a medical doctor and all are stable and now sleeping. However they the death of one crewman when the vessel was dismasted overshadows the injuries to the crew.

Then navy has managed to clear all damaged rigging and have abandoned the vessel and will return later once they have assisted other vessels in need of assistance.

• AVA. SAS Islandwana has spotted AVA in very poor visibility. AVA is sailing without power and communications, but all is reported to be well on board.

SAS ISLANDWANA is now on its way to yacht ISLA.

• ISLA reported late last night that she was taking on water in the engine compartment as well as having to deal with an electrical fire. They have had a container vessel, BOSUN, standing by with assistance since early this morning. All is under control and the yacht has decided to continue under sail to Saldanha. SMIT MADURA is on station with ISLA and may tow them back to port.

• BLACK CAT. The NSRI Station 3 are on route to tow her back to shore as she has no steerage due to a broken rudder.

• INDABA. On it’s way back to port with an injured crew member.

• PEEKAY is safely in harbour at Yachtport, Saldanha Bay.

• DO DO, AVOCET, AVANTI and FTI Flyer are currently heading back to shore.

• TRANQUILLO are only able to receive calls, otherwise all is well.

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