Cape to Rio race – Maserati will finish within 24 Hours

c2r 2014 maserati day 9

Maserati is just 500 miles out of Rio de Janeiro

Arriving in Rio on evening of January 14th or morning of 15th

Maserati’s pace slowed overnight, but she continues to hold a solid lead and still has 500 miles to cover to get to Rio.

Her nearest rivals are now lagging well behind: the Australian 52’ Scarlet Runner is a good 700 miles in her wake Explora is a further 50 miles back.

“There was much less wind than forecast overnight,” said Giovanni Soldini. “It was an easterly of just 12-15 knots, but it should soon turn north-east. Luckily, it does seem to be getting up now too. Coincidentally, in about 200 miles, we’ll be crossing the same route that we were on with Maserati on January 13th last year during our successful New York-San Francisco record attempt”.

The Cape2Rio Yacht Race record is held by Zephyrus IV, a 74’ American maxi that clocked a time of 12 days, 16 hours and 49 minutes in 2000.

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