Cape to Rio Race – JML Rotary Scout – Day 5 Update

c2r 2014 rotary scout FINAL
The crew of JML Rotary Scout
pic by Trevor Wilkins

Day 5 of the Cape to Rio Yacht Race and JML Rotary Scout is making good progress. The seasickness has completely left JML Rotary Scout and crew have all settled into their routine.

Grant was on the sat phone this morning (while the crew were enjoying tea and rusks in the sunshine) and he says the weather has improved even more since yesterday’s report. The clouds opened up during the evening and they had moonlight for the first time. They had good wind through the night and did a bit of surfing down waves, averaging a speed of 8 knots. There were regular sail changes and when the wind overpowered them they brought down the spinnaker and poled out the genoa – raising the spinnaker again when the wind dropped. Never a dull moment on board, especially when you are racing. There was phosphorescence, so the caps of the waves were lit brightly, one can just imagine how pretty it was to see.

They also had the gennicker (asymmetric spinnaker) out for a few hours yesterday afternoon but the yacht was soon overpowered and the weather helm got irritating so they reverted back to the genoa.

They caught fish yesterday, some skipjack tuna which were soon cleaned and cooked. Grant says there was a real flurry later when both lines went mad – but when he applied the brakes on the reels to prevent all the line running out the lures snapped off. He reckons hefty tuna caused the damage. They have since replaced the lines and are hoping to catch some yellow fin or blue fin tuna… the sushi gear is all ready!!

You will have noticed from the tracker page on the Cape2Rio web site ( that the yacht has moved progressively north and they have joined the body of the fleet. This manoeuver has cost them a few places in the handicap standings in Class 2 – but they wanted to err on the side of caution and avoid the low pressure system below them. Hopefully they will be able to pick up their places soon.

Those who know the yacht will be able to picture this – the “car” with the big stainless steel ring on it that fits into the track on the front of the mast that accepts the beak of the spinnaker pole? Well that came loose from the track and skidded across the deck. Luckily it didn’t go over the side!! Well, they have refitted it and tied a safety line to it. There’s always something to do on a racing yacht.

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