Cape to Rio Race – day 8 results & positions

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The weather chart is courtesy of Passage Weather ( and is for 12h00 today – Sunday.

day 8 reports

As is expected Maserati continues to lead the fleet. Having been talking about distance sailed since the start, it’s now time to start making reference to distance to the finish. Maserati is the only boat to have less than 1000 nautical miles to the finish – and to be accurate the figure is 815 nautical miles. Just 9 boats have not crossed the meridian into the west yet.

In Class 1 there has been something of a shake-up as Explora has plummeted down the leader board while Privateer has gained another place to sit handily at 3rd overall. Also gaining a place was Investec Ciao Bella

But more interesting is the fact that Scarlet Runner and Iskareen are the northern most boats in the fleet. Scarlet Runner has been sailing fast and looks well placed, although Iskareen may well have overcooked her ‘northing’. What I do find interesting is that Scarlet Runner has been taking every opportunity possible to get further north, and continues to do so. This

The handicap positions in Class 1 are probably not an accurate reflection on the true situation as some boats have not reported their positions.

Yolo continues to lead class 2, with the previous days positions remaining. Yolo has diverted from her maniacally northward course and is now heading north west again.

The wind is looking good at the moment so we may see some big changes in positions overnight. Watch this space.

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