Cape to Rio Race – Day 6 – results and position reports

c2r 2014 wits day 6
Amtec Wits
pic by Trevor Wilkins

Day 6 Friday 060800GMT Daily Position Report PRINT EMIAL

5 boats have now crossed the Meridian and are officially ‘West’.

Maserati continues to lead the fleet 406 nautical miles ahead of second placed Scarlet Runner, will crack the 2000 nautical miles sailed barrier, which also means that, at this pace is 5 to 6 days from the finish. It’s too early to talk about records, but watch this space!

What is interesting is that Scarlet Runner has taken some 30 nautical miles out of Explora. While Scarlett Runner is further north, it may mean that Explora which is substantially further south, may have lighter winds?

Maserati has ducked down south overnight, and if she continues on this course, Privateer will again be the most northern boat in the fleet. The southerly course can be more risky than the northern one, although Explora may be looking to the south for some strong southerly winds. If this works for them, they may well spring a surprise on the fleet.

Many pundits reckon that the best placed boat is Privateer which, although 6th on handicap on todays standings, should start picking up handicap positions rapidly in the next few days.

Yolo is still the southern most boat in the fleet, and while Dale Kushner may have a plan, it looks as if he may well sail in to some light and difficult conditions soon.

The bottom line is that there is a risk in going too far south – so we’ll have to wait and see how thinks pan out in the next few days.

Of interest is the fact that Iskareen has made a definite course change and is heading further north. What does her weather strategist and navigator know?

Handicap positions have not changed much although Investec Ciao Bella has moved up into 4th on handicap, and in the multihull fleet Tranquillo is now ahead of Tulliana.

The fleet has now settled after the tough first few days, and with the better weather comes a new spirit of competitiveness. The next few days will be interesting.

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