Cape to Rio race – day 19 results and position reports


Iskareen finishing in little wind. pic by Trevor Wilkins
Iskareen finishing in little wind.
pic by Trevor Wilkins

What a plucky performance from Iskareen


Images of Iskareen finishing:

What a plucky performance from Iskareen to finish in 5th place across the line – especially in such a small and spartanly equipped boat below decks.

Her elapsed time of 18 days, 14 hours, 8 mins, 25 secs is exceptional and shows she was driven hard all the way. Well done to them all as their place on the podium (3rd) is well deserved.

The wind is still light out there as can be seen by the 153nm covered in the last 24-hours by both Investec Ciao Bella and Amtec Wits Aladdin. These boats have another 3 to 4 days left at sea should the light conditions not abate.

The next boat likely to cross the finish is Rocket/Stop Rhino Poaching which should be in about 2 days time, so the fleet is not exactly stacking up to finish which will give the officials in Rio time to relax and enjoy the delights of that City.

Looming up with her sights firmly set on the finish is the 75-foot cat HQ2 whose crew is likely to have had a very comfortable and luxurious passage as she has all the bells and whistles. As one wag said, her crew has probably been eating ice cream all the way while the other crews sweat it out in the sun!

Furthest from the finish is Hot Ice with 1435nm to go – a long, long way for this comfortable cruiser.

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