Cape to Rio 2020. I Goofed – Love Water Takes a Rare Double

The jubilant crew of Love Water celebrating after crossing the finish line having broken the race record by almost 3 days.
pic by Alec Smith

By Richard Crockett

In my report this morning I suggested that the honours were likely to be shared between ‘Love Water’ and ‘Maserati’. How wrong I was as the wind closing the finish line was far lighter than that shown on the tracker.

So no, they did not share the honours.

‘Love Water’ scored a rare “double” in ocean racing by taking both line and handicap honours, and ‘Maserati’ second in both.

‘Love Water’ also broke the race record by some 3 days, finishing with an elapsed time in of 7days 20hours 54minutes and 2seconds – with ‘Maserati’ in 8d 3h 39m 34s.

Both sailed an excellent race and literally lit up the tracker with their ability to continually record high mileages day in and day out.

Looking at the 18h00 positions (Sunday) I cannot help but be impressed with how ‘Umoya’ appears to be sailing back into contention. She wandered off on her own mission earlier in the week, losing ground at every report, but now she is going fast, is well positioned – and more importantly is climbing up the leader board rapidly.

Umoya is currently climbing the leader board rapidly.
pic by Alec Smith

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