Book Review. Voyaging with Kids

A guide to family life afloat.

by Behan Gifford, Sarah Dawn Johnson & Michael Robertson

review by Richard Crockett

So many dreams of sailing the world are dashed because families cannot reconcile the matter of kids aboard. Hopefully this book will dispel that and turn dreams into realities. After all, heading out to sea with your children may be the most rewarding thing you do.

The three authors have each voyaged thousands of miles with children aboard, so they provide a factual and balanced look at the realities of family life on the sea. Plus they have drawn information from dozens of other voyaging parents.

When I say that every aspect of this subject is covered, I mean it as it has 13 chapters plus an appendix, index and more. Each chapter is intended to cover the questions always asked, including babies on board and relationships too – and much, much more.

The foreword concludes with this: Together they’ve compiled this treasure trove of useful, well-organised information on seagoing parenting. It will answer most of your questions, leaving the most important one for last: Do you want to raise a child who isn’t scared to move out of her comfort zone? Then step out of yours.

This book is available from SAILING Books.

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