Boat Review: SmartTri 40

by Matthew Thomas
In yachting, sailboats are usually broken into two simple areas, monohulls and multihulls – and while this seems to be correct, it doesn’t do justice to the multihulls, which can be separated into two very different and distinct categories, trimarans and catamarans.

Catamaran building has grown worldwide with an emphasis on comfortable, stable platforms suited for cruising and specialising in the charter business. Often referred to as slow with little or not much upwind capability, it is completely inappropriate to dump trimarans into this group.

Trimarans by their very nature are performance sailing machines, similar in fact to the slender, fast sailing sleds designed to dash to Hawaii from California, just with a subtle difference, no lead hung underneath to slow them down!

If you’ve never sailed a trimaran and like speed, you’re missing out!

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