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Cape2Rio 2023. Adrian Kuttel is First Single-handed Entry

The Kuttel name is well known in the world of local and international ocean racing circles, least of all the Cape to Rio Race, and their involvement will continue in 2023 as Adrian Kuttel has entered the singlehanded division – the first in this division. The late Peter “Padda” Kuttel competed in two Whitbread Round the World Races on his yachts ‘Xargo3′ and ‘Atlantic Privateer’, as well as two Cape to Rio’s aboard ‘Atlantic Privateer’ and ‘Namsea Challenger’. His brother ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Voortrekker Leads – & Damage Already

by Richard Crockett I will be bringing as much news as possible every day until the finish. Just one day out and ‘Voortrekker’ leads the fleet from ‘Jakaranda’. And there’s drama already as ‘Cariad’ has to avoid a tanker, ‘Stormkaap’ has steering problems and ‘Jakaranda’ was reported to be withdrawing with steering problems. I suppose that’s just a normal day in the life of an ocean race! “Start Was ‘Extremely Good”. As seen from the starting point at sea, ‘Westwind’, ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. The Race Begins to Unfold

By Richard Crockett From today until the end of the race I will bring you the daily news as to what’s going on in the South Atlantic. Aboard the SA Navy Guardship – SAS Tafelburg – are journalists and photographers who are sending the news back to shore for all those thirsty for news. And I have loads of newspaper cuttings from which to bring you the race as it unfolds. And let’s not forget the hard-working radio Operators aboard ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. It’s Start Day

by Richard Crockett It’s the day everyone has been waiting for, the excitement is at fever-pitch, and now all that’s left is to drop the mooring lines, head to the start and then sail 3600 nautical miles to Rio. 50 years ago today the 1971 Cape to Rio Race start changed the face of sailing in this country. It put South Africa firmly on the international sailing map, and what’s more, it was the longest ocean race in the world ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my archives. 1 day to 1971 Rio Race Start

by Richard Crockett 50 years ago tomorrow the very first Cape-to-Rio yacht race started in Table Bay. If it ain’t done by now, it’s unlikely to get done before the start! That’s undoubtedly how many skippers and crew are feeling right now, especially those with newly launched and built boats that have possibly not had sufficient time at sea to really assess them and fine-tune them. But for most, this is a whole brand new experience as few have ever ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my archives. 3 Day to 1971 Rio Race Start

by Richard Crockett There’s little to say in the final build-up, other than skippers and crews will be frazzled, loved-ones beginning to realise that a better half will be gone for a few week on an adventure across an ocean. And the throngs of visitors just keep streaming in to the Royal Cape Yacht Club marina to see the yachts and their crews. “Rio Race Tension Growing”. Tension becomes a tangible force at times. You can feel it building up. ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. 4 Days to Go to 1971 Rio Race Start

By Richard Crockett There are just 4 days left until we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the very first Cape to Rio yacht race which started in Table Bay on 16 January 1971. This race put South Africa firmly on the international map, opened they eyes of many, and was the catalyst needed for an exponential growth in home-built boats around the country – even in the landlocked provinces too. At the time it was the longest trans-ocean race in ... Read More »

Dabchick Nationals

by Malcolm Osborne George Lakes Yacht Club traditionally has a New Year Regatta around 1 January every year. This year, the club offered to host the Dabchick class National Championships in conjunction with its club regatta. This offer was accepted and all arrangements were in place. Then, subsequent to the imposition of Lockdown Level 3 late in December, it appeared that the regatta was in jeopardy. However, authority was obtained to proceed with the Dabchick Nationals, but the GLYC regatta ... Read More »

2020 Laser Class National Championships

by Alan Keen These were successfully hosted by Stilbaai Yacht Club on the Vaal Dam. With Youth Nationals in its current format cancelled for 2020, the Laser Class jumped at the opportunity to incorporate the Youth Laser National championships into the main event. Its always a big ask to have all 3 fleets make class. But with the enthusiasm of the Cape youth sailors, it did not seem to be a problem. A huge thank you to the Cape parents ... Read More »

Marine Inspirations Presents: “Three Men and Their Boats”

If You Are A Dedicated Yachtsman You Will Not Want To Miss This Fun And Entertaining Show as ALL money raised is In Aid Of The Marine Inspirations Charity which promotes young aspiring navigators from disadvantaged backgrounds – SEE MORE at – Date: Thursday 14th January 2021 Time: 17.00 hrs GMT (Europe 18.00 hrs:: South Africa 19.00 hrs:: EST in the USA 13.00: and in NZ.0600) We are sure most of you will have been following the exciting Vendee ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. 5 Days to Go to the 1971 Rio Race Start

by Richard Crockett So here’s more news on the build-up to the 1971 Cape to Rio Race start which was 50 years ago this coming Saturday – 16 January 1971. The newspaper photographers were having a field day, snapping away at just about anything that moved – as the many pics published today will show! Ashore the race organisers were concerned about the safety and whereabouts of the Durban Ketch ‘Wayfarer’. So enjoy today’s selection. “Kaap Na Rio – Die ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. 6 Days to the Rio Race Start

by Richard Crockett With just 6 days left to the start of the iconic 1971 Cape to Rio Race things would have, 50 years ago, been manic right now at the Royal Cape Yacht Club and its precincts. Every boat would have been in the final throes of their preparations and last-minute obstacles would appear and test the already stressed crews. With so much information available to share this week, I have decided to start sharing this early as there ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Which Way to Rio?

By Richard Crockett Okay forgive me as that headline is only part of what is on offer today as we continue bringing you news on the first Cape to Rio Race in 1971 which is heading for its 50th anniversary on 16 January – a little over a week away now. Opening the news is a report on an SAA 707 Jet pilot who will be navigating Golden City to Rio. He’s seen the course from the air many times, ... Read More »

Book Review: The Saga of the Sarie

Book Review: The Saga of the Sarie by Buster May From the outset let me say that this is an exceptionally well written book which is crammed full of interesting anecdotes, stories, feats of seamanship and much more. Interestingly the book was written in 1964, but as May could not find a publisher, he abandoned it in a cupboard. After his death in 1998 it was found by his son Dave who decided that the story was too good not ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my Archives. The Women of ‘Sprinter’

by Richard Crockett Two days ago I alluded to the fact that the media was obsessed with the women competing in the very first Cape to Rio Race in 1971 – 50 years ago. So it should come as no surprise that the ‘girlie’ magazine of the day took a stake in ‘Sprinter’ and sponsored this very first all-women’s sailing team. Those four women became the darlings of the media and received massive publicity. Fortunately all four were sailors of ... Read More »