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“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Light on Far Horizons

by Richard Crockett Cruising the trade winds is something many a yachtie dreams of, yet just a handful fulfill their dreams. This article from the January/February issue of SA Yachting in 1958 shows that many of our local sailors were on the high seas fulfilling their dreams, with many a well-know name amongst those mentioned in the article. I am not going to mention any names as a hint, as this would simply spoil it for those who will read ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Eight Weekends to Go

by Richard Crockett The Cape to Rio race has always fascinated me, even as a schoolboy dreaming about the day I received the opportunity to do that South Atlantic crossing. Sadly I have not yet done that passage, although I do count myself lucky to have done the Cape to Uruguay Race in 1979. Lucky? Yes lucky as that was a 4500 nautical mile compared to the 3500nm of the Rio Race! Plus we were Pioneers being the first race ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Acrohc Australis

by Richard Crockett It was this newspaper cutting dated 26 October 1986 that inspired this short piece on Acrohc Australis as I remember the boat quite clearly when she stopped in Durban!. Plus I enjoyed read the book. Acrohc Australis is the name of the smallest yacht to have circumnavigated the globe with her builder, owner and skipper Serge Testa. Acrohc means “thingamajig” in his mother’s native Italian dialect, and Australis for Serge’s adopted country, Australia. The boat was a ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. The Birth of the Rio Race

by Richard Crockett I have every good intention of covering the 1971 Cape to Rio race in as much detail as possible as on 16 January next year (2021) the race will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and is due every bit of publicity it receives. Now this is no simple task as there has been so much written about the race, that the mind boggles at the enormity of this. So what better way than to simply start at the ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing”from My Archives. Billy-Oh & the Extra

by Richard Crockett Here is something a little different, and certainly not a quick review on the Extra dinghy. It’s rather featured as Frans Loots supplied the colour pic of the very first Extra dinghy fully rigged on her launching dolly outside Herbert McWilliams house, named “The Poop”at Amsterdamhoek on the Zwartkops River. Note the Rolls Royce and the Bentley in the pic! Sadly the house was destroyed in a fire in the 1980s, and was never rebuilt. Since then ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Cartoons From the 1971 Rio Race

by Richard Crockett Some light relief today with a selection of cartoons that appeared in the daily press during the 1971 Cape to Rio Race. Hopefully they will raise a smile from an exciting and memorable event. That 1971 race, the first Cape to Rio Race, caught the attention and imagination of so many different people, that it was talked about and read about for months after it had finished. It augured well for the future as the race grew ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from My Archives. The Spearhead Dinghy

by Richard Crockett Last week I covered the Sprog and Winger dinghies, and promised to follow it with the Spearhead. In his book “Sailing in Southern Africa”“, Anthony Hocking said that the design freedom allowed among Goodricke dinghies, had many enthusiasts feeling that the Vivace hulls should be made a one-design class, to eliminate possible continual expensive changes which had proved the bane of other good designs. The Vivace Class would still be within the current Goodricke rule, but would ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my Archives. The Winger Dinghy

by Richard Crockett Last week I wrote about the Sprog, so it makes sense to cover the Winger two-man dinghy now. Sadly it was a class that just never had the ‘legs’ the Sprog did, yet reading the info on this dinghy one wonders why? In the book “Yachting in Southern Africa” by Anthony Hocking, this is what was said about the Winger.: “The Winger was essentially a big brother to the Sprog, built in marine plywood with water proof ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my Archives. The Sprog Dinghy As Written by Her Designer

by Richard Crockett The Sprog dinghy is almost 75 years old, but sadly is no longer a force to be reckoned with in local sailing. In its heyday it was often said that unless one had won a Sprog National title, you were not one of the “greats” in local sailing! And that list of Sprog national champions does read like the “Who’s Who of sailing in this country”. I have chosen the Sprog for today’s feature as I have ... Read More »

Cariad I. A Sweetheart Who’s Beautiful to Look at

by Richard Crockett While delving into SAILING’s archives recently I noticed a few pics of Cariad 1, which I always remember as the yacht which was refurbished in Durban for the 1971 Cape to Rio race, and whose name comes up on occasions when graceful yachts are mentioned. These pics of her show a beautiful and graceful lady under sail, and sadly some of her in a desperate state of disrepair. Below are a few highlights of her years under ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my Archives. Please Don’t Be Catty…

by Richard Crockett I certainly don’t want to commence a war of words about catamarans versus other vessels as that would simply be dumb. Those wars of words happened light-years ago now, and remain buried as catamarans. Indeed, multihulls in general are common in our marinas and have chalked up some remarkable passages. Plus our local industry has a world-wide reputation for building quality multihulls. I raise the matter simply because in the very first issue of SA Yachting magazine, ... Read More »

Cape to Rio 2023. Peters & May Announce Shipping Service

Peters & May, providers of bespoke logistic solutions to the marine leisure industry are delighted to be offering a shipping service to the Royal Cape Yacht Club, organisers of the 2023 Cape to Rio Race in an effort to enhance participation and showcase this iconic warm water downwind ocean race linking Africa and South America. Established in 1971, this city to city classic is the only south to north blue water ocean race following the SE trades of the Atlantic ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my Archives. UK ‘Fundi’ Praises the RCOD

by Richard Crockett Early last week I featured the 1961 report announcing that the Royal Cape Yacht Club had launched its own one-design class – that being the RCOD. Some 16 years later it was still gaining traction and being talked about internationally. The fact that the man who launched the Amateur Yacht Research Society, Dr John Morwood, had decided to build one for himself, gave substantial credibility to this growing class. Plus he gives his reasons why. Read the ... Read More »

The League for L26s

by Sophie Thompson Eager Durban sailors will be hitting the water for the brand new L26 racing series simply called “The League”, that will take place both inshore and offshore over 20 Saturdays during the 2020 and 2021 Sailing Season. Three series will be accommodated in The League, an Offshore Series, an Inshore Series and a Match Racing Series. The organising committee will endeavour to balance the number of races across the three series. The next race takes place on ... Read More »