49er Worlds – New Zealand. Day 1

The RSA 49er of Benji Daniel & Alex Burger can be seen peeping out to windward of the fleet on day 1 of the World Champs in New Zealand.
Pic by Matias Capizzano

Alex Lehitnen, support crew for Benji Daniel and Alex Burger, reported on day 1 as follows:

The racing is on and I honestly think I am more nervous than those guys – they are as cool as a cucumber and they are honestly loving the conditions here.

Two races were sailed in extremely challenging conditions with some top ten guys at the back of the fleet, and the Race Committee rib all over the place and having a “mare” themselves. Big shifts and big pressure changes all the way across the course. Alex and Benji are starting really well and having good solid upwind legs, and then just getting eating up like a school of piranhas that were the challengers. There were problems across the course as it was pretty savage out there. So a tough day in the office, but the guys seem to be pretty happy with what they managed to pull off at the beginning and start of the races. I don’t think anyone can argue the fact that today was very tough out there…!

Benji DANIEL & Alex BURGER 24 & 25