49er Worlds. Another Desperate Day in Geelong

by Richard Crockett

Our guys may be down, but certainly not out as their “Japie” spirit shines and they continue to fight and be positive. But a U-flag penalty in race 3 today, simply did Benji Daniel and Alex Burger no favours today, dropping them further down the rankings.

For our man on the water, Alex Letinhan, it too was a tough day as his few words show.

“Today was not the best day. It took 4 hours to get the first race finished as the wind tried to settle.

“The guys spent a long time on the water before the new conditions brought a new pile homework for them to figure out! Obviously, being in bronze fleet, their expectations were to be finishing at the sharp end of the fleet, but rather unfortunately, sports math doesn’t actually work as one may like, although the takeaway from the day was a bunch of good lessons rather than a bunch of good results.

“Tomorrow is looking to throw another day of waiting and unsettled winds, so we’ll see how many lessons we’ve learned today, and can put into practice!”

RSA results so far:
24; 13; 14; 11; 18; 21; 11; 11; (UFD)

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