Tracking Your Race

Raymarine are the official tracking partner of the Round the Island Race in the UK, and are offering a free, live tracking system.

Following a successful trial of the Automatic Identification System (AIS) system in 2017, they are hoping as many yachts as possible will use AIS and devices like Raymarine’s AIS700 transceiver to provide their tracking data for the 2018 Race. As well as logging positions, boats with AIS will have the advantage of an enhanced awareness of other boats around them. AIS technology constantly monitors the course and speed of nearby vessels and can even warn you of developing collision situations.

What Equipment Do I Need?
Either an AIS transmitter or a mobile phone – or both!

If your boat has an AIS transceiver onboard, you can simply use that. Once you’ve registered your boat for tracking, we’ll automatically add positions sent by your AIS device on Race Day to your track.

If you don’t have an AIS device, you can use our tracking app for which you’ll need one of the following devices that’s dedicated to tracking:

• iPhone
• Android phone with built-in GPS

You can have as many mobile phones running the tracking device as you like, which means all the crew can take part. With more tracking devices you have on board, you’ll get a more accurate track of your course around the Island and also have some backup in case someone forgets to charge their phone before they set off from home!

How Do My Friends and Family Watch the Race Live?
On race day, people following you will be able to visit the GPS Tracking page on the official website and watch the race using the easy-to-use Race Viewer. As well as seeing the full race unfold live, watching our TV coverage and following the text commentary, they’ll be able to highlight specific boats that they would like to track as they progress around the 50 nautical mile course. Tracking will commence from the first start right through to the finish. Replay and pause facilities will also be available for those interested in comparing detailed performances.


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