“Talking Sailing” from My Archives. The Spearhead Dinghy – Lots of Photos!

by Richard Crockett

Here’s a little extra for those interested in the Spearhead dinghy.

As promised earlier this morning, here is a rather large selection of Spearhead pics, selected from a very bulging file.

I have chosen these specific pics as they give names and sometimes venues too.


Chieftan (159) – A L Leenstra; Pintale (154) – P M Clarke; Tursiops (166) – R McCall.

Nyala (118) – N C Bedford; Simi (172) – B J Bevan; Tursiops (166) – R McCall.

Umsuka *133) – J R Howard; Nyala (118) – N C Bedford; Pintail (154) P M Clarke.

Jack White & A Mollenaar planing their way to win the Spearhead title. Smackwaterjack.

The Pretoria team, Colin Gerrans and J Kohl sailing hard to leeward of Spearhead (181) crewed by G Bohnsack and A Bennett of Florida. The Pretoria Sailing Club won the Transvaal interclub contest in which eleven clubs participated.

The sixth Spearhead built by Basil Beavan with with Basil shortly after launching. The craft called Simi III won the Natal championships at the Easter regatta.

Colin Gerrans of Pretoria being closely followed by Gert Bohnsack from Florida. Transvaal Interclub champs.

Superdoucious (308) & Smackwater Jack (303) playing a Highveld zephyr.
Spearhead Highvelds 1980.

P von Schie and R Hide from Benoni Sailing Club.
Transvaal Interclub.

Disco Volante plopped before the start and had the misfortune to stick her truck in the mud even though about a mile from the shore!

Nestor (124) sailed by Geert Wiebols who came third in three races and first in the last.

With bag flying, Stan Smith ahead of Fred Venter, also of Pretoria Sailing Club.

No info available! However take note of the very crude trapeze harness!

Jack White & Gary van der Merwe (224 – Quoodlle) beating hard against Doug & Alan Miller in Jester (255).

Eddy Schmidt of Emmarentia in the Transvaal Interclub.

Midmar line-up showing Caprice (Doug Hawkins); Nyala (Terry Ellis) and Insizwa (Mike Bonlanger).

Is this trophy still around? Or has it become lost in a club store room?

Winner of Spearhead Highveld – Jack White.

Florida skipper Ray Savage and crew shortly after a buster at Boskop.

Vincent Kimble and John Reidy.

Spearhead racing during the Spearhead Worlds.

Spearhead World Champions – Tony Peterson & Mike Rumsay in Avanti.

Spearhead class – 16-footers designed and built in South Africa. Sometimes faster than FD’s.

Chris Moreton and Nick Crews who have been selected to represent the Spearhead Association at the World 470 championships in Kiel during August.

John Barrie and Charl Theron .

John Barrie at Pretoria Sailing Club. The present holders of the Transvaal InterClub Trophy.

Geoff Hodshon & Nick Clewes in Hooligan (265) hot on the heels of Colin Gerrans & Mark Manton in Temptress (286).

John Barrie and Andrew Molenaar in Minx.

Clube Navale – Lourenco Marques.
Spinnaker boom topping lifts were found to be vital in the stronger breezes. Roy Haupt at bow.

Geoff Warren & John Wright of Highveld Championships in Admetus II (181).

Could this be the UCTYC Spearhead sailors on the move?

Gert Nichols in Hector (124).

Details unknown!

Simi sailed by Basil Bevan of the Island Sailing Club.

Vanitie II on her first sail shortly after launching.

Admetus (181) and Witchway (135) who were close throughout the regatta.

Halvar Mathiesen and Basil Fergus having fun on a reach in Anitra.

No available information!

Nigel Gray in Presto (90) and Bob McCall in (166),

Reason to smile! In 1976 George Pope (crewing) lost his Spearhead during rescue operations in Durban Nationals. This year his boat Nyil, skippered by M Schroeder weathered the storm. Here they sail merrily in the 3rd race – 26/03/1977.

Vixen (130) – second in the Emdon Trophy sailed by Eric Bongers with Brian Robertson as crew.

Peter Hishin & Tony Caragka in Homebrew (316).

Smackwaterjack (303) in full flight.