“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Tabarly Angers the Fleet

by Richard Crockett

As the front-runners edge ever closer in the light winds to the halfway point, anger is mounting in the fleet as Eric Tabarly aboard ‘Pen Duick III’ keeps everyone guessing as he does not co-operate in reporting his positions daily.

While this most likely upsets the line-honours contenders as they cannot plot his course and see his progress, the rest of the fleet probably could not care less as they are having their own personal battles with like-sized yachts and friends aboard competing yachts. The daily position reports are a highlight of the day for all those racing across the South Atlantic, and discussion aboard ship once all positions have been given, can carry on for hours as the analysts get to work!

On the results front, ‘Pioneer’ has climbed the leader board rather dramatically, putting herself in third overall on handicap. At the front of the fleet and for those looking to be first into Rio, little has changed in the last 24 hours.

Results – Line Honours
1 Striana
2 Albatros
3 Hamburg
4 Mercury
5 Graybeard

1 Albatros
2 Mercury
3 Pioneer
4 Hamburg
5 Matchless

“Rio·Yachts Cruise Up to Half-Way”. Guardship ‘Tafelberg’ is back with the leading yachts today as they spinnaker across to Rio in weather more suited to lazy cruising – high day temperatures, tepid water and light winds.
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“Albatros Leads on Handicap”. John Goodwin’s ‘Albatros’, again first on handicap, had moved to second place overall.
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“Yachts Must Be Judged in Classes”. Although most attention is concentrated on the leaders of the Cape-to-Rio fleet as a whole, the true yachting interest is in boat positions within the three divisions into which the entries are divided.
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“Position Reports”.
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