“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Sprinter is Near Rio

Sprinter, skippered by Molly Warr, and crewed only by women.

By Richard Crockett

News is scant today as the next batch of finishers is eagerly awaited, with special emphasis on the all-women crew aboard ‘Sprinter’. When they finish the news will flow big time and we will undoubtedly be saturated with stories of their time on the race.

And ‘Barbette’, at one time a possible threat to ‘Albatros’, has rudder problem, but her skipper is determined to finish without assistance.

And my computer woes continue – with some light at the end of the tunnel today with luck. Apologies, but this is a factor of being so reliant on technology!

“Sprinter is Near Rio: Barbette Limping Along”. While Molly Warr and her all-woman crew in ‘Sprinter’ head for Rio, where they will get a rousing welcome, another small yacht, ‘Barbette’, is making for Cape Frio, 60 miles from here, with rudder trouble.
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“7 Rio Race Crewmen Are Back in S.A”. Seven tired and happy South African sailors – all entrants in the Cape-to-Rio race, flew into Jan Smuts Airport early today, still wearing their yachting gear.
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