“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Responses to Pics Revealed.

Yachts at East Rand. Can anyone identify the type of yacht?
Response from Rob Willcox. This looks like it could be at VLC. AV 81 and AV 6 are two are 20-foot scows – A6 is ‘Westwinds’ and A18 is ‘Kia Ora’. The Sharpie CV 45 belonged to his father – China Willcox.
Response from Ralph Willcox. I think it is ERYC (East Rand Yacht Club) given the mine dump in the background. Rob’s correct with the 20 Footer scows. ‘Westwind’ was owned by Roger Everitt, which he bought in PE. ‘Kia Ora’ was also owned by Selwyn Tucker. The FD way in the background is Chappie Chapman. This pic would have been taken in the early to mid ‘60s.

By Richard Crockett

I had a torrid day yesterday so was unable to scan new pics and prepare material for today, so I have instead decided to share some responses and additional info on pics posted this week.

In response to my query about Commodore’s “Taking the Salute” at opening cruises, Ralp Willcox responded by saying: “As I remember it, most Flag Officers wore caps until the late ’50s – certainly the Commodore and Vice Commodore. At VLC the bridge officers wore theirs for many years.

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Response from Rob Willcox. This is at East Rand Yacht Club. Jim Gold was the Commodore at that time, Sprog 639 was being sailed by Neil Down and 700 by Gill Robinson’s dad. Response from Malcolm Osborne. Sprog 700 was sailed by Brian Theunissen at ERYC, so that is probably him sailing there (Gill Robinson’s dad).

Opening Cruise – but where?
Response from Rob Willcox. This was taken at Florida Yacht Club. Malcolm Osborne also says that this looks like Florida Yacht Club.

An opening cruise at one of the Clubs in Gauteng?
Response from Rob Willcox. This could well be at Spurwing Yacht Club?

VLC at Germiston on Transvaal Cup day. Can anyone put a date to this, or have info on the Transvaal Cup day?
VLC has only a very short foreshore of the lake. On regatta days or weekends yachtsmen are confronted with the problem of trying to keep out of each others way.
Response from Ralph Willcox. Taken in the early ’60s the Transvaal Cup was an annual inter-club regatta held (at that time) between East Rand Yacht Club (ERYC), Transvaal Yacht Club (TYC) and Victoria Lake Club (VLC), rotating the venue each year. It was sailed under team racing rules, which meant that the results were often won or lost in the protest committee room. The teams were normally 3 classes common to the 3 clubs and with 3 boats in each class.