“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Rampage Around the Cape in ‘Caprice’

by Richard Crockett

Earlier this week I noticed a post on the Royal Cape Yacht Club Facebook page of someone wanting some info on a yacht named ‘Caprice’, a name I had become familiar with when browsing through my archives. However the article reproduced here does not give much away about the boat, other than she was a hardy soul.

The word ‘Caprice’ also piqued my interest as I once had an affinity with a Spearhead name ‘Caprice’, but that’s a very long story reserved only to be told over many rums!

There is a lot more written about ‘Caprice’ in my archives, and should I manage to delve deep enough and find useful and relevant material, I will follow this feature up with more in the coming days.

It’s a delightful read written by an equally delightful old salt – Frank Robb.

He opens the article as follows: “At three a.m. the alarm clock went off like a bomb, clipping ten years from my life expectancy. To reach out and bash the silencing-doofah on top of it was the work of a moment, and I snuggled down again in the warm, cosy bunk. The wind whined through the rigging above and – even in this sheltered anchorage – there was the rattle of spray across the deck and the sound of Caprice snubbing at her chain.”

READ IT ALL HERE:  Pages from 1960 03-04 – SA Yachting – OCR