“Talking Sailing” from my archives. Of Flying Dutchmen, 505s, Spearheads & Buccaneers

by Richard Crockett

While researching material on the Buccaneer in 1976 I found a report on the WP Buccaneers champs, plus a really good one entitled “Durban …. Zowie!” so have chosen to share them both.

Bertie Reed won the WP Buccaneer champs, a tough one indeed as the opening paragraph said this: This year’s Western Province Buccaneer championship in False Bay was a triumph for Citizen Force SANSA members sailing in the 13-boat entry which endured good, bad and horrid winter conditions in the events four races over five days. Sailing standards were well up in a good mix of drifters, brisk stuff, squally gales and dreadful courses.

To set the scene for the “Durban Zowie”, the opening paragraph said this: The 1976 nationals for the Flying Dutchmen, 505s and Spearheads, with a total fleet of 84 boats, was certainly the toughest these classes have experienced for a long time. The weather was not kind and skippers and crews were first of all faced with blistering winds in a heavy sea. The following day they had to sail in a heavy swell with very little wind, which made sails flap in the troughs. A howling wind cancelled all sailing activities the next day and only the last two races were competed for in ideal conditions. On top of it all, the weather was cold and wet and a number of yachtsmen were seasick.

So there is lots today for all.

READ IT HERE:  Pages from 1976 07 – SA Yachting – OCR