“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. JJ Provoyeur 1980

by Richard Crockett

JJ Provoyeur was awarded the Yachtsman of the Year trophy by SAYRA in 1980 – a coveted award then which was made by the national authority.

I suppose the reason this interview jumped off the pages at me is that JJ is such an affable chap – good fun and a great sense of humour, a seriously good sailor, a boatbuilder extrodinaire and a damn fine sailor whenever and whatever it is he is sailing. So his award was thoroughly deserving – and most probably as he came within a hairs-breath of winning the 1980 Fireball Worlds off Durban.

Since those heady dinghy days he moved into keelboats and has even raced around the world singlehanded in a boat he built for Bertie Reed. In fact he was the first South African sailor to carry the new South African flag around the world.

This interview gives much insight into this great sailor.

READ IT HERE:  Pages from 1981 10- SA Yachting – OCR