“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Islands of the Cape Coast

Atalanta, the fine ketch once owned by the Kuttel family.

by Richard Crockett

Some time back David Abromowitz was looking for the book “Fair Winds At The Cape” written by Mary Kuttel. It is the story of yachting at the Cape.

Not having it in my library, I was unable to help Abromowitz, but was reminded of this fact when I came across an article in SA Yachting magazine entitled “Islands of the Cape Coast”, also written by Mary Kuttel. Hopefully this will be enjoyed by David?

Mary Kuttel was a prolific writer and author of several books from cooking to sailing, or “yachting” as it was in those days. As the SA Yachting intro says, “the author is mother of a robust sea-going family, who are fortunate owners of the fine 60ft. clipper-bowed ketch ‘Atalanta’.

A pic of this fine vessel is reproduced here as it was also found in my archives.

So back to the article, which although old is still, in many ways, relevant today as those islands are still there! The opening paragraph reads as follows:

“Desolate and bleached are most of the islands of the Cape, but to the yachtsman each has its charm. Any little island is almost as alluring as his precious yacht to him who sails for, like the yacht, the sea is all around it, creating an illusion of being afloat”.

Oh, and if anyone should have a copy of “Fair Winds At The Cape”, and would be willing to part with it, please contact me – editor@sailing.co.za

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE:  1959 05-06 – SA Yachting – OCR – islands of the cape