“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Dabchick No. 500 is Afloat

The first Dabchick to appear on a magazine cover.

by Richard Crockett

Just two years after the Dabchick was first featured in SA Yachting magazine, the 500th boat hit the water. This showed just how popular the boat was, how easy it was to build, and how it filled a gap in the market.

Hats off to Jack Koper for the design as judging by the comments to my Dabchick post this week, and the number of people who have recently posted their own personal pics of themselves sailing their favourite boat – the Dabchick of course – it conclusively proves just how popular and well loved the Dabbie still is.

Read the 500th boat news HERE:  1960 05-06 – SA Yachting – OCR 16

Also, enjoy another 20 pics from my archives, with more Dabbie history and pics to come in the days ahead.

The caption simply says Robert Meyer! Is he the one about to be dunked?

Mark Eglington – 2818.

Peter Thomas.

Felicity Myburgh.

Waiting for the wind in the calm before the storm at the Transvaal interschools regatta.

Rainer ??? and Frank Gloditgsoh sailing in Walvis Bay.

The Dabchick fleet approaching the mark in drifting conditions at the interschool contest held on Emmarentia Dam.

A Kode closely followed by C Hancock after rounding the gybe mark.

A Kode closely followed by C Hancock after rounding the gybe mark.

A Mackie 3235; D Bate 3095 and C McQueen 3185.

Is this Hermanus?

Carol Godbolt – ERYC.

1984. Aldo and Silva Scribante of Redhouse Primary were always up with the leaders in the 28 strong Dabchick fleet.

Paula Stuart who came 2nd in the 5th race. ZVYC. Boat called Woodwork

1976 02. The Dabbies at Victoria Lake where they sailed in the interschool regatta.

Hans Mans.

Part of the large fleet of Dabchicks competing in the second Transvaal interschools regatta.

Dabchicks. Taking a heavy weather reach in their stride are two IYC competitors on DUX. The skipper is E Floyd.

Toby Beele who won the race in BLITZ. Toby sailed for Marist Brothers.

Peter Hall risks a tack under Michael Cheesman, pinches up and falls in!