“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Dabchick Millennium! Plus More Archive Pics

Michael Matter catches a glide.

By Richard Crockett

That headline is a little misleading although it does grab one’s attention. Its significance is that 1,000 sets of Dabchicks had been sold and were in the market place.

While much of what is said in this article has been regurgitated from previous reports, there are some interesting little tid-bits worth reading. For instance, some statistics:
• A Thousand Dabchicks must give pleasure to at least 3,000 people.
• At least 92,000 square feet of plywood was used.
• And 12,000 yards of cloth for sails.
• And more than 200,000 screws went into them…

READ IT ALL HERE:  Pages from 1961 09-10 – SA Yachting – OCR

SACS A. I Thompson, Mafian Krepelka & Chris King.

SACS b. T Rees; Graham King; Dirk Lazarus.

Tommy Kasselman, runner-up in the Mirrors, Richard Wiederhold who came second in the Dabchicks and the winning Optimist, Gary Crawford.

Nicholas Matter.

Michael Matter who retained the Transvaal Dabchick title.

February 1976. Alec Lanham-Love sailing his Dabchick into a winning position once again.

The junior Rogotski’s in their Dabchick.

1984 04 01. Sailing the unusual way. J Joubert and crew of Grey High.

Greg Hall approaches the windward mark.

Paul Smolders of Spurwing in the lead from K Pettifer and Andrew de Vlieg.

L-R. Wendy Knowler (crew) and skipper Gregg Hurter winner of the 2-ups.
Patricia Hurter and Wendy Moores placed 2nd in the 2-ups.

Gerhard Koper testing a Terylene sail in a 45 mile blow.

Derek Robinson’s offspring!

Jolly good fun in a Redhouse Dabchick.

Dabchicks preparing for their start at Victoria Lake’s Easter regtata. J Swain of Point Yacht Club is on the extreme left with the winner of this class, Martin Lambrecht sailing 3073.

Wynberg A.  Mike Vulliamy, Greg Davis, M Davis.