“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Dabbling in Dabchicks

A Dabchick churning it up!
pic supplied by Brian Hallock

by Richard Crockett

The first ever article giving details on the Dabchick was published in SA Yachting magazine in 1958, now some 62 years ago, I firmly believe that little dinghy did a massive amount for youth sailing in it’s day.

I have written many words on this subject over the years, so won’t regurgitate those here, other than to say Jack Koper did, not simply a damn fine job in designing her, but also a massive service to the sport and youth sailing.

It’s funny how when one looks at our top sailors, many had their sailing roots begin in the ‘Dabbie’ as it was so much fun to sail and bash about in.

Incidentally the very next issue of SA Yachting Magazine carried a sidebar indicating that Koper had received over 120 requests for plans – that in a very short space of time.

READ THE DABCHICK LAUNCH ‘BLURB’ HERE:  1958 03-04 – SA Yachting – OCR 11