“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. 48 Hobie Pics from Yesteryear

by Richard Crockett

It’s taking me time to get back into my stride after a wonderfully relaxing long-weekend. So sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy these black & white images of Hobies from years gone by.

All these pics are from a file of b&w Hobie images – the colour ones may come in time as they take a long time to scan as quality images.

Far out on the seaward leg Y Schrauwen holds his Hobie flat and fast.

1983 07 07 – Hobie Nationals.

1983 07 07 – Hobie Nationals.

1983 07 07 – Hobie Nationals.

1983 07 07 – Hobie Nationals.

K Barrett (24632) and Paul Thomas (34052).

John Collier (right) and Ian Scott.
1981 07 20 – Hobie.

1983 07 18 – Hobie Nationals.

Hobie Nationals. A bit of nifty footwork from R J Eveling (35672). G Scott (35894) in the background.

1981 07 15. J Hudek hits the heavy stuff.

1981 07 15. Coming back to shore during Monday’s gale.

1981 07 20. Michael Collier not doing too well in the light breeze. He prefers heavy breeze!

1981 07 18. V Pretorius (29466). H J Vonl (54029) and G Philo (35136).

1981 07 18. At the ready on Hobie Beach.

1981 07 18. Fanie Botha (54474) at 62 years old was the oldest competitor in the race. His wife Connie stood down from this race which was sailed in light airs.

1981 07 18. The controversial start of the 16s with J Whysall (29348) and A Fisher (54236) over the line. Whysall sailed back to restart but Fisher was disqualified after crossing the finish line in 1st place.

1981 07 18. P R Swales (35979); M D Herald (35128) and D Offerman (24383).

J du Plessis (24476); S Johnson (35735); D E Wrigley (24536); D Coutts (35661); R Ross-Thompson (35909); J Tukker (35873); R B Kilfoil (35741) and B V Reynolds (35825).

B V Reynolds (35825) and H D Monsen (24649) attempting to launch.

1981 07 18. Andre Delport (54330); T Usher (29081) and G T Jupp (54232).

1981 07 20. The winner, Bkaine Dodds, receives his trophy from Mrs Whitehead.

1981 07 20. Gerhard Koper (35800) off to a good start.


Trevor Gelderbloem of PEBYC has a tense moment while his Hobie 14 hovers at the point of no return before capsizing in yhe Algoa Bay Hobie 14 championships.

Geoff Stevens struggles to control his Hobie 14 after capsizing whilst launching in the nasty surf and sidewash set up by the strong South Easter. Ron Duckworth and Jacques Nel head out to sea after successfully negotiating the surf.

Mike Cormac at full bore in the lead on a fast reach.

Mike Cormac shot to the front at the start and led the cats, including Thai Fours, right round the course until the last few seconds.

Andy Swanepoel of East London.

Peter Shelly from Durban lets it all hang out as he encounters a gust during the Algoa Bay Hobie 14 Championships. Shelly finished 4th overall.

W Prince, father of Terry and Ralph Prince, all from East London.

J Nankin of Cape Town.

T Prince of East London.