SWI-TEC Bosuns Chair

We all love our boats and it is fact that we have to climb up the mast regularly to effect repairs. It can be very labourious, especially when you have to fix or clean something where you need further equipment.

In order that you can concentrate on the work, SWI-TEC has designed a Bosuns Chair that is fully equipped with all conveniences. The sitting surface consists of an integrated wooden board that allows one to sit comfortably – even for a long period of time.

All needed tools can be easily placed in the four sewed-on bags and are always there when you need them. Additionally there are two fixing rings for the drilling machine and more straps for additional equipment.

Next to the standard model, SWI-TEC also offers an XXL version which has an extra-wide seat surface and a stronger wooden board with an adjustable backrest that is individually adjustable. As in all SWI-TEC products, we only use well chosen materials with a high-quality standard.

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