St Helena Race. Results after 24 Hours


Seasickness during the first day at sea can be serious>
pic by Karen Slater

by Richard Crockett

There is never a dull moment when a fleet of yachts are at sea, and this race to the island of St Helena is absolutely no different. While there is not much news from the boats yet as crew adapt to a new life at sea, there are some interesting snippets.

Most are in high spirits – which I suppose is a good thing as most boats have another 10 days or more at sea before finishing.

There are a few cases of seasickness – something one would expect, but not as violent or graphic as the mess on the transom of ‘Naledi’ at the start! ‘Naledi’s’ skipper has reported that there is only 1 person NOT seasick! That’s pretty drastic as often one seasick crew turns the stomachs of others!

All is not good aboard ‘Hirondelle’ as she is headed for Saldanha Bay to offload a very seasick crew member.

There are always those who can keep it down, no matter what is served aboard ship. There are reports of bowls of meiliepap being enjoyed, while others simply need the comfort of chocolate.

An there are always a few hardy souls counting down the hours to an ice cold beer.

‘Avanti’ is back at RCYC with Autopilot issues – and is hoping to leave again before sunset and get back into the race.

The lone solo sailor, Dale Kushner, commented that he was wet and the conditions were lumpy. I bet he has no time to be seasick!

And speeding along at 21 knots is ‘Banjo’, despite the rough conditions.


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