Some Historic Sailing Pics

Voortrekker I on her launch day.

Mike Spruce, a follower of this blog has sent in two interesting pics.

The first he titled “Launch day – ‘Voortrekker 1′” – so it dates back to 1968 – 51 years ago!

The second is of the Sprog ‘Smokey’ – and is captioned as “Fred & Mike Spruce on Germiston Lake (VLC) in the dark ages. ‘Smokey’ sold to (I think) “Van” Milne, a lost Canadian in Africa. Memory fading – can’t recall who built Smokey (son’s name was Barry ?):.

Can anyone assist on who the builder of Smokey may have been.

He also recalls fun days with Gerry de Leeuw recumbent in his boat, smoking a pipe & finding all the subtle windshifts. Sharpies, 20 footers and then all the “next generation” boats that arrived keeping things interesting.

Thanks Mike for the interesting pics and words.

Readers are welcome to submit pics to this forum as the history of our sport needs to be recorded and maintained – and this is a forum on which to do it.

A Sprog named ‘Smokey’.

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