SA Sailing Communication to All Membership – Cornavirus

To Clubs, Classes, Event Organizers and SA Sailing Members

In line of the president’s announcements made last night to help contain the spread of the coronavirus. SA Sailing would like to advise that all events, meetings and scheduled courses, exams, etc are hereby postponed untill mid-April. We will re-evaluate the situation just before this time to establish the necessary.

In line with global best practices SA Sailing recommends that each club take cognizance of its own unique situations and circumstances to develop contingency plans during this time.

The following guidelines are offered for consideration:
• In line with the above, clubs and classes consider practicing social distancing as a priority and we would recommend postponing or cancelling all events and social gatherings until mid-April at the earliest.
• We highly recommend that you do all you can to protect your staff. Consider a Work From Home Plan and discuss when it should be implemented.
• Always consider vulnerable persons or vulnerable persons living with you as a priority.
• In the event that operations need to continue ensure that staff are supplied with the necessary PPE to help minimize their exposure and risk.
• Ensure that hygiene routines at your venues are in line with the WHO World health organization’s recommendation.
• Posters are available for download and these should be posted up and around your venues. Link to WHO resources.
• Limit visits to your venues by persons who have been to any of the outbreak countries or have been in contact with persons that have been confirmed positive with Coronavirus.
• Persons should work from home at any sign of illness.
• Educate all staff/volunteers about the virus and put measures you are putting in place to help curb its spread.
• See Communication as recieved from SASCOC for further insight and guidance:

SASCOC Media Release


SA Sailing Operations will be implementing the following with immediate effect:
• Staff will be working from alternative venues with some limitation of services however they will still be contactable on email or our usual phone numbers: 021 531 1860 or 031 301 3078.
• As our offices are to be closed documents should be emailed to our team directly or via
• Courses and exams scheduled to mid-April are cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date.
• Issuing and collection of documentation and certifications will be impacted. Wherever possible we will use email to issue those that can be issued electronically (this will exclude skipper’s tickets at this time).
The situation has far reaching consequences and SA Sailing are taking all necessary precautions to curb the spread of the virus and to ensure the protection of our greater sailing community while we ride out this pandemic.

Please feel free to contact the team should you have any further questions in this regard.

Kind regards
Vernon Brown – Vice President
SA Sailing