Raymarine DockSense

DockSense® Alert is Raymarine’s intelligent docking solution which is designed for a broad range of vessels, and is the recreational marine industry’s first intelligent object recognition and motion-sensing intelligent docking assistant.

Based on patent-pending technology, DockSense Alert can be installed on any boat to help captains safely monitor their surroundings and dock their boats with confidence. Similar to the driver-assist capabilities of today’s modern automobiles, DockSense Alert detects, displays, and alerts the captain to obstacles around the boat using machine vision camera technology and video analytics. Live video feeds, and an intuitive object detection map on Raymarine Axiom® further assists captains in avoiding obstacles.

Getting Started with DockSense Alert
DockSense Alert systems are designed exclusively for OEM boat builder installation. Raymarine DockSense experts can partner with a vessel manufacturer’s engineering team to design a DockSense Alert system that provides maximum coverage and confidence.

DockSense Alert systems are available in one, three, and five stereo vision cameras configurations. Each system features the DockSense processor module and requires a Raymarine Axiom MFD. DockSense Alert Systems.

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