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Product Review: Sail Mates Protest Models

by Richard Crockett Protest models are something one is unlikely to get excited about, but the range from Sail Mates is really innovative – especially if one is only used to the ‘Elvstrom’ models that were neatly tucked into the Elvstrom Rule book in days of yore – and which are no longer available! These …

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Product News. Winch Seat

Tides, a Norwegian boat equipment provider, launched their first product, a winch seat, in 2015. The product named ‘WinchSeat’ is an innovative product raising the cockpit experience on sailboats. The seat has a peg which fits into the swivel hole on top of the winch, providing a new elevated sitting spot with great overview. The …

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FLIR/Raymarine New Product Launches

by William Crockett Raymarine, owned by Flir Systems, Inc. recently launched their latest product offering to the world. This included some brand new, completely rethought Multi-Function Displays, a new suite of software, and for the first time, Thermal Imaging cameras by Flir Systems, which have price points that are affordable for the leisure marine industry. …

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