PredictWind Just Gets Better. Make it Your Default Weather App

by Richard Crockett

PredictWind is one of the most accurate weather apps available for our South African coastline, and rather than resting on their laurels, they continually strive to provide a better service.

Recent improvements include:
* Track, blog, save & broadcast with the PredictWind DataHub
* 10 Day forecasts
* Iridium GO!

Track, Blog, Save & Broadcast all your onboard data sources with PredictWinds small but powerful GPS Tracker which is custom designed from the ground up, with extra features to make your coastal and offshore tracking, data and communications easier than ever.

The DataHub can connect to the NMEA backbone so all the data on board your vessel can be logged and transmitted. This has many real-world applications such as enriching GPS tracking data with wind speed and direction through to more complex tasks such as yacht performance polar development.

For those making passages to foreign countries, you can overcome sim card restrictions by connecting a local sim to the Datahub and broadcasting the cell data to other devices on-board. You can also switch off your satellite-based GPS tracking and let the Datahub take over your tracking updates via cell data.

PredictWind CEO Jon Bilger commented, “We saw an opportunity to give our customers a device that fills the gap with GPS tracking. We ended up with a fantastic product with endless uses. Data logging for insurance purposes, remote support for any connected product on board, satellite GPS tracking for Iridium Certus products, and many more applications are all available with this device. I think our customers will love this product and find multiple ways to make life easier using the DataHub”.


10 Day Forecasts
The 7-day forecasts are now extended out to 10 days, using the ECMWF, SPIRE & GFS models.

Forecast accuracy beyond 7 days is challenging for any model, but by comparing these 3 top long range forecast models, you can get an indication of the accuracy of the 10 day forecast.

When planning ahead for the following weekend, a 7-day forecast is often not long enough. A 10-day forecast along with the PredictWind multi-model approach gives you confidence to make the right decisions.

Iridium GO!
Battling to get an Iridium GO unit? Then look no further than PredictWind.

PredictWind have Iridium GO! units ready to ship from their four global warehouses! Worldwide shortages have meant the Iridium GO! supply chain was interrupted, but PredictWind are now back to full stock levels.

See Predictwind & its Features Here: